Workplace Indoor Air Quality Testing

We monitor workplace indoor air quality and provide risk assessment and hazard analysis across a wide range of industries.

We offer professional workplace indoor air quality monitoring risk assessment, in your office, retail unit, industrial space and any other type of commercial premises in the UK.

Commercial & Workplace Residential Air Quality Testing & Analysis


Hours sat in the office feeling tired in the afternoon? Ensure you and your colleagues aren’t operating at reduced levels of mental performance and spreading respiratory diseases between each other. Triple bottom line benefits of increased employee productivity, increased well-being and reduced absenteeism...

Healthcare - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


We assist care-homes, hospitals, dentists, clinics and medical practises to implement risk assessment structures and develop robust Air Quality Hazard Control plans. Essential to ensuring you have implemented effective control measures to reduce the spread of airborne diseases...

Education - Air Quality Testing & Analysis in schools, colleges and universities


Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. Risk assessments to control disease transmission and cognitive function. Ensuring ventilation is adequate for class sizes and calculation of passive and mechanical ventilation requirements....​

Industry - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


From bronze foundries to laser optics and chalk mines to whiskey distilleries... worker exposure limits and risk assessments HSE EH40 and COSHH regulations

Retail - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


Shops, shopping centres, pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants all require risk assessments to ensure both protection of the public and of the employees. These risk assessments are considered by insurers in event of any litigation...

Leisure - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


Leisure centres, swimming pools, and spas are supposed to be healthy places and regularly testing for disease transmission is essential. Theatres, museums and galleries will need to ensure that they are doing the same as well as ensuring their collections and structures aren’t at risk of moulds...

We measure across a wide range of indoor air quality factors, including: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, humidity, ozone, temperature, and particulate matter across a wide range of sizes and compositions.

Why should you monitor workplace indoor air quality?

Our expert indoor air quality monitoring and superior reporting systems allow you to keep on top of your legal responsibility to ensure that you are taking the correct measures to limit the spread of Covid 19 as well as a number of airborne hazards to health.

How does the service work?

We start by preparing a Covid 19 airborne hazard control plan – this involves a comprehensive initial site survey by our engineers, usually taking 2-3 hours on site. we will monitor across a broad range of factors and consult with the client.

We prepare a bespoke monitoring, air purification and ventilation solution to suit your specific and identified high risk areas.

We install the systems and train your employees how to use them. As an independent we work with all the manufacturers and suppliers. Our unrivalled experience in air quality investigations enables us to design a system that works for you, rather than you having to work with a system that is sold to you as its the one that they have for sale!

Our SAQ systems are fully guaranteed and come with service contracts. 

How much does it cost?

The initial survey costs start at £940 + VAT and cover 10 of the most significant air quality factors using laser diffusion counters, photo-ionisation detectors and electrochemical sensors, we will also perform microbial analysis for airborne mould spores and other hazards to respiratory health.

We will present the report, consult and advise to the clients requirements. At this stage you can either use the report within your own risk assessment files and make your own decisions as to how to implement the recommended control measures.

Alternatively, we can do it.


We specialise in consulting on the coronavirus hazard and how to ensure you have implemented an effective disease transmission risk reduction strategy.

Using our system for continual air quality monitoring, it is possible to see at a glance, how effective your hazard control plans are at maintaining low airborne disease transmission rates. The system securely logs your indoor air quality and comes with full data management software. Our engineers and installers will advise on the best locatons and factors to be tested within your specific requirements.

Safe Air Quality Ltd - Indoor Air Quality Survey Testing Analysis Report for Domestic Commercial Workplace

Standards and legislation

Safe Air Quality performs workplace indoor air quality monitoring in accordance with the broad range of relevant ISO standards. We have a network of UKAS-accredited partner laboratories where air sample analysis is conducted when required.

Our services help commercial clients meet the requirements of various industry-specific legislation and guidelines, including:

Safe Air Quality can take care of it for you

Multifactorial gaseous monitoring solutions – these are essential to implement any effective control over an environment. 

The systems need to be reliable and accurate. There are many gadgets and gizmos for measuring air quality factors and after conducting over two thousand surveys in the UK and around the world over the last ten years, we have unique knowledge in this sector. A basic multi-factorial monitoring system can be installed with data logger, interface, networking, software, installation and training, calibrated and serviced, that will enable you to control your indoor air quality on an ongoing basis.

This would be adequate for a small to medium sized office/shop/pub or restaurant. The monitoring systems can be networked together to give live readings at multiple locations such as larger offices, shops, supermarkets, venues, health clubs etc..

Ventilation and air purification solutions

Again, being an independent we can choose the system that’s going to work for you – there are hundreds of manufacturers of air purifiers and ventilation systems, toting each their own technologies, from photocatalytic UV TiO2 to ionisation and from HEPA to chemisorbers and Zeolites. HVAC, MHRV, positive input, recycling etc..  In our experience, it is essential to establish what it is that you want a system to remove and where and when you need to remove it from. Knowing what hazards you want to address is pivotal and there are no systems that are good at everything. We can automate these solutions to work from the monitoring system.

We can help you meet your COSHH obligations and address sick building syndrome and any other air quality related issues.

Indoor air quality monitoring and improvement creates significant economic savings, increases workforce wellbeing and has a positive effect on environmental health.

Cost-effective service

Safe Air Quality’s home indoor air quality tests are extremely cost effective – our research shows that we offer the best value home air quality testing service in the UK. 

Available 7 days a week

To ensure air quality testing at the most appropriate time, Safe Air Quality can provide surveyors to your home from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week.

Please contact us for more information or a personalised quote or book your survey now.