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Who are Safe Air Quality Ltd?

Based on over 30 years of experience in indoor air quality management and research, Safe Air Quality Ltd is at the leading edge of indoor air quality management services in the UK.

Qualified air quality surveyors

With headquarters in Wandsworth, south west London, we have a small team of fully trained and qualified air quality surveyors based around the UK.

Our aim is not just to help companies comply with evolving health and safety legislation – although this is an essential part of what we do. We take a broad perspective on air quality matters, helping people and corporations to recognise and manage their indoor environments for everyone’s benefit.

Using our extensive experience and research, we offer specialist indoor air quality monitoring services for a number of industries. From continuous monitoring and networking solutions in schools, to testing in hospitals, offices and public buildings, we can offer the most appropriate and competitive solutions. Our detailed reporting presents clear information on testing methodologies, findings and professional remediation advice. And we always work to the relevant industry legislation and guidelines such as those set by the HSE, ISO, CIBSE, Department for Education and BREEAM.

We are also one of the only companies in the UK to offer a dedicated domestic air quality testing service. These services are extremely cost effective, and we always provide free pre and post-survey support to our clients. Where air quality legislation is lacking in domestic environments, we make use of our wealth of empirical research data to help diagnose home indoor air quality.

In an increasingly technology-led industry, we are staying ahead of the game by partnering with only the best and most progressive environmental monitoring equipment manufacturers. We ensure that the correct, fully calibrated equipment is available to our trained professional air quality surveyors for each job. We also have long-standing relationships with our UKAS-accredited partner laboratories, ensuring cost-effective and accurate sample analysis when necessary.

We are helping a growing number of people in the UK who are suffering from allergies that can be directly attributed to poor air quality. Through offering free and impartial advice, and teaming up with a number of health-based charities, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality to the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Roger Martin BSc(Hons) MIAQM MIAQA

Team Lead Investigator

Roger Martin, the lead investigator for Safe Air Quality Ltd, is a Member of the Institute of Air Quality Management.

He has a wealth of experience in air quality sciences. Roger studied Chemical engineering at Exeter University and has an honours degree in Applied Science. He has lead investigations into indoor air quality issues for the Department of Health and Public Health England as well as at over 1000 properties and premises for SAQ over the last five years.

Air Quality Testing In Every Indoor Environment

Your Home - Domestic Residential Air Quality Testing & Analysis

Your Home

We provide air quality testing services in all residential and domestic environments, We test the air in your home to ensure it is safe for you and your family...

Commercial & Workplace Residential Air Quality Testing & Analysis


Hours sat in the office feeling tired in the afternoon? Ensure you and your colleagues aren’t operating at reduced levels of mental performance and spreading respiratory diseases between each other. Triple bottom line benefits of increased employee productivity, increased well-being and reduced absenteeism...

Healthcare - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


We assist care-homes, hospitals, dentists, clinics and medical practises to implement risk assessment structures and develop robust Air Quality Hazard Control plans. Essential to ensuring you have implemented effective control measures to reduce the spread of airborne diseases...

Education - Air Quality Testing & Analysis in schools, colleges and universities


Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. Risk assessments to control disease transmission and cognitive function. Ensuring ventilation is adequate for class sizes and calculation of passive and mechanical ventilation requirements....

Industry - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


From bronze foundries to laser optics and chalk mines to whiskey distilleries... worker exposure limits and risk assessments HSE EH40 and COSHH regulations...

Retail - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


Shops, shopping centres, pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants all require risk assessments to ensure both protection of the public and of the employees. These risk assessments are considered by insurers in event of any litigation...

Leisure - Air Quality Testing & Analysis


Leisure centres, swimming pools, and spas are supposed to be healthy places and regularly testing for disease transmission is essential. Theatres, museums and galleries will need to ensure that they are doing the same as well as ensuring their collections and structures aren’t at risk of moulds...